What Do Our Ace Kids Have to Say About the Ace Kids Golf Program?



"I think the Ace Kids Golf Program is a good program, and it helps kids to stay away from doing the wrong things.  It gives them something productive to do after school.  I learned that it is a fun sport, and I actually enjoyed it.  It is just as fun as the other sports."

Devron, Age 17, Arts & Far West Schools


"I really enjoyed the program.  Mr. Callaway and Ms. Cook really made it easier to play.  It was also very fun.  This is an excellent program.  I never pictured me playing golf until now."

Tammy, Age 13, Eastlake YMCA


"I had fun playing golf.  I like the Ace Kids Golf Program, and I like riding the van to the golf courses.  I learned a lot about how to play. Mr. Callaway taught me how to grip, stand and swing the club, and how to chip and putt.  At first, baseball, football and basketball were my favorite sports, but now I like golf too."

Graylin, Age 12, Brookdale Recreation Center


"I really enjoyed the Ace Kids Program because it was exciting and it was a great start for golf.  Mr. Callaway and Ms. Cook made the golf program fun and they also taught me a lot."

Stephanie, Age 13, Eastlake YMCA

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